School Songs
“The Leopard Song”
L is for Leopards all victorious.
E is for East High ever glorious.
O is the Onward way we prosper.
P is for Power we gain by the hour.
A is Ambitition that spreads o’er us.
R Reputation ever righteous.
D is Defiance not defeated.
S is Strength for Old East High.

“On East High” Song
On East High School
On East High School
See your colors fly
Shout your praises ever louder
Echoes never die
On East High School
On East High School
Fight on for your fame.
Fight, East High
Fight, fight, fight
We’ll win this game.

“Say When” Song
Say, when those East High Leopards fall in line,
We’re gonna win this game another time,
And how our team will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight,
For dear old East High School, I yell, I yell, I yell.
So fight, fight, fight for every yard (score)
Around those ends and hit that line right hard
(Down the floor and hit those baskets more)
We’ll make those (school mascots) yell for ma,
Sis boom bah! East High School!